ETC Group has developed unique value proposition for each stakeholder in equipment design and network deployment

ETC Group’s Business Model

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01. Network Operator

Product development support and network assistance

Sourcing and logistics managed by ETC Group

02. Network Installers

Equipment supply (cables, passive & active devices, tooling, etc.)

Network deployment


03. Network Suppliers

Product development

Equipment supply (cables, passive & active devices, tooling, etc.)

ETC Value proposition

01. Network Operator
  • Plug & play outsourcing of procurement and logistics (lower operating expenses, lower capex, lower WC)
  • Secured supply of fiber and key equipment at competitive prices
  • Technical advisory on network design and equipment
02. Network Installers
  • One-stop-shop for all construction, installation, tools, test & measurement and personal protection equipment.
03. Network Suppliers
  • ETC Group brings visibility, volume/scale and market knowledge (for product design, quantities, etc.)

Overview of ETC Group Service Offerings

  • Design
  • Sourcing
  • Capable Partner
  • Logistics
  • Equipment maintenance


Single technical network advisor

ETC Group’s proposition

  • Technical advice on inside and outside plant equipment, Test & Measurement, part design and support
  • Component standardization



Single source of referenced equipment

ETC Group’s proposition

  • Strategic relationships in place with most major global telecommunications suppliers


Capable Partner

Deep parts catalog

ETC Group’s proposition

  • Over 55k+ SKUs for new network deployment & upgrade, maintenance, installation and service



Optimized logistics partner

ETC Group’s proposition

  • Outsourcing of logistics activities
  • Procurement
  • Logistics / Supply Chain Optimization
  • Recycle & Disposal


Equipment maintenance

Technical network advisor

ETC Group’s proposition

  • Support operators with the best-quality components to reduce network maintenance need and costs


How does ETC operate ?

icon Plug and Play approach
    • ETC’s model can be rolled out easily to new geographies / new customers thanks to accumulated and transferrable expertise in fiber deployment, logistics and product portfolio management.
    • Track-record of operations launch in new countries within a 3-month timeframe with different market / technical environment and sets of services, e.g.:
      • – Israel (2014)
      • – Portugal (2015)
      • – USA (2016)

ETC is anticipating the broader evolution of operators’ business models that may include increased outsourcing and Supply Chain optimization assistance


Elements that make ETC Group Unique:

  • Our ability to leverage aggregate global demand across many customers to bring pricing scale and security of the supply
  • Our experience in managing the Supply Chain of a highly fragmented and complex network of partners (service providers, construction & installation contractors)
  • Our knowledge in providing services (product design, parts rationalization & optimization, logistics, etc.) so operators can focus on their core business and tasks at hand

Key credit considerations


Strategic partner for Communications Service Providers and Network Contractors


Global supplier relationships


Proven value proposition demonstrated by customer loyalty


Strong track record of organic growth


Double digit multi-year growth of top line


Ability to translate our scale and global experience to customers of all sizes


Service offerings to support any need (optimization, standardization, operations efficiency)


Meaningful growth potential in the North Ameirca and Europe


Backed by the Carlyle Group


Proven and highly motivated management team