We believe that every child deserves to thrive with ready access to learning and educational support. We are convinced that education benefits both business and society.

Since 2005, we have been devoted to helping children build a better future through sponsorships to organizations such as France Parrainages and the Lycee Français.


Across all our worldwide business teams, we are focused on creating a Culture that values both the people who do the work as well as the work people do​. We are committed to making everyone feel empowered to bring their whole-selves into our workplace and to share their unique ideas and experiences (51% of our employees are women). We believe that this respect for employees at all levels reflects on our successful relationships with our customers, partners and suppliers throughout the world.


Our commitment to the ecosystem is based on the principle that we all influence future generations. As we look ahead, we are also doing everything in our power now to preserve our ecology. Thinking Globally and Acting locally, we offer several sustainable green solutions for customers dedicated to protecting the environment and limiting our footprint, including equipment repairs, reuse and recycling.


We are committed to making a difference in our communities by giving charitable donations to support organizations such as les Restaurants du Cœur, which provides voluntary assistance to the poor through free meals and housing projects. We are dedicated socially and economically to make an impact fighting poverty in all its forms throughout the world.


We are driven to provide world-class quality products, customized service solutions and most important valuing the customer relationship.

Our Culture reflects our entrepreneurial principles that we work together to reach our Goals with innovation, integrity, fairness and respect.

We are guided by the ideals of our Founder, Cedric Varasteh, that a team with determination and the right values can make anything possible.


Offer state-of-the art telecommunications products, expert technical consultation and high-quality logistics services to our valued customers.

We pride ourselves on the relationship with our partners and the people who connect our business.

Our Vision is driven from a spirit of excellence and determination that acts on the belief that a small company with big ideas can do great things.